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NAMI Omaha is a non-profit organization composed of consumers, family members, professionals, and friends who have come together to share and take comfort in the commonality of their experiences and to educate members of their communities about serious brain disorders. Along with education and support, NAMI Omaha actively advocates at the local, state and national levels to improve the services, and the lives of those affected by mental illness, and their families.

NAMI Omaha has been supporting, educating and advocating for consumers, family members and professionals in Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy and Washington counties since 1986.

Calendar of Events

NAMI Omaha Meeting

Topic: The Returning Veterans Resource Network

When: May 1st 2014, 6:00pm

Where: Community Alliance
4001 Leavenworth St, Omaha NE

In the past several years there has been greater public awareness of mental health problems that are caused by or increased due to military service. Many service members have left the military without having these issues identified or addressed. Jim & Joe facilitate a local peer support group, The Returning Veterans Resource Network. They will speak on mental health issues that service members face, and will discuss resources available to service members, veterans and their families.

NAMI Omaha Meeting

Topic: Magellan Consumer and Family Advocacy services

When: June 5th 2014, 6:00pm

Where: Community Alliance
4001 Leavenworth St, Omaha NE

Magellan is a Managed Care Organization contracted by the Nebraska Divisions of Behavioral Health Services and Medicaid and Long-Term Care to manage publicly funded mental health, substance abuse and gambling addiction treatment for eligible children and adults across the state. Magellan's stated purpose is to "ensure that the limited funds allocated by the Nebraska Legislature for this purpose are used effectively and efficiently". Their stated goal is "to be sure eligible individuals receive the right service, at the right time, with the right intensity".

While it is important for public funds to be spent appropriately, many people with mental illness, family members, and mental health professionals have had frustrating experiences with the service authorization process, and have disagreed when there has been a service denial. Lisa Cusullo is the Consumer and Family Advocate at Magellan. She will give information on the authorization process, discuss what recourse is available when there is service denial, and be available to answer questions from the audience.

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NAMI Introduces Early Psychosis and Recovery Podcast Series

NAMI is continuing to build on its work to help families and young adults who may be experiencing the onset of symptoms of psychosis to add to the extensive Psychosis website resources.

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Faith and Spirituality Beneficial in Treatment, Study Finds
By Hisaho Blair

A recent study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders has shown that people who believe in God, regardless of religious affiliation, are more responsive to short-term treatment of depression.

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To Peer or Not to Peer
By Livette Porter

In September 2012, I was sent to Baton Rouge, La. to attend the NAMI Peer-to-Peer training class. I attended this class as I am a person who does what I am told to do and I am a "team player." Since I had no previous experience with Peer-to-Peer, I used to think, what's the point of all this training anyway? How much could it really help?

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One Response to One Reaction to the Newtown Tragedy
by Larry Davidson, Ph.D.

While the country argues over stricter gun control legislation proposed by the president, mental health providers, along with persons with mental health conditions and their loved ones, continue to be in the position of having to respond to how some people in broader society have reacted to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

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Kathleen Sebelius: Bring Mental Illness Out of the Shadows

Fifty years ago Tuesday, President John Kennedy shattered the national silence when he delivered a message to Congress in which he called for a bold new community-based approach to mental illness that emphasized prevention, treatment, education, and recovery.

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